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We're always making improvements to FoodChecker so it's as easy and helpful for you as possible.

Here's what's new:


February 2021

We have updated some product assessment criteria, to align with changes made to the Healthy choices: food and drink classification guide (Victoria). Some of these criteria have been applied for Victorian schools assessments as well.

The criteria for the following categories have been updated:

  • Milk drinks (schools and Healthy Choices)
  • Dip and crackers packs (schools and HC)
  • Tuna (tinned and with crackers) (Schools and HC)
  • ice creams (HC only)
  • yoghurt (HC only)
  • sauces (HC only)
  • soups (HC only)
  • ready-made-meals (HC only)
  • breakfast cereals (schools only)

And we’ve added the following categories for:

  • high protein drinks (HC only)
  • ready-to-eat mini meals (schools and HC)

Previous menu and vending machine assessments that meet the Healthy Choices guidelines or schools canteen policy are still valid for 12 months from the date of assessment. As a general rule, we recommend that you do a new assessment every 6-12 months to ensure your food and drink classifications are based on the most up to date product information and classification criteria.

You can find the updated Healthy choices: food and drink classification guide and a guide to what’s changed here.


August 2020

In May 2020, extra criteria were added to the the Menu planning guidelines for long day care to provide clear advice on using the following ingredients on long day care menus:

  • added sugar
  • added fats and oils
  • sauces and condiments that are high in salt
  • spreads, such as Vegemite and jam
  • and ingredients to NOT include on the menu, such as deep fried and processed meats.

The updated Menu planning guidelines for long day care were published in May 2020, and came into effect on FoodChecker in August.

Learn about what these updates to FoodChecker mean for you here.


December 2019

We've upgraded the food and drink product database

In fact, we’ve completely transformed the way we source information about products, and automated our system of classifying them according to the Victorian school canteens policy and Healthy Choices guidelines!

Over the next few months you’ll have access to 1000s more food and drinks products classified GREEN, AMBER or RED, with updates occurring throughout the year!

Learn more about the changes, and how this will affect your past assessments.


October 2019

We've updated some product classification criteria.

The criteria to classify the following product categories has been updated:

  • Savoury snacks - Popcorn
  • Drinks - Kombucha and fermented soft drinks
  • Milk drinks - Milk and alternatives (plain and/or flavoured)
  • Milk drinks - Breakfast drinks
  • Drinks - Juices and Fruit Drinks
  • Drinks - Waters - Flavoured (Still, sparkling, soda)
  • Drinks - Coconut water
  • Savoury snacks - Crackers, crispbreads and savoury biscuits.

Read about the updated criteria for the Victorian
schools policy here and the Healthy Choices guidelines here.


We've added new product categories

Now you can classify the following pre-made, packaged products as GREEN, AMBER or RED according to the Victorian schools and Healthy Choices guidelines:

  • Tuna and cracker products
  • Coconut chips
  • Seaweed products
  • Canned/bottled coffee (water-based)
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches, wraps, rolls
  • Sushi and rice paper rolls


July 2019

Now you can assess vending machines!

Now you can use FoodChecker to find out if the foods and drinks in your vending machine meet the Victorian Government’s Healthy Choices guidelines.

Just enter every drink, snack, and meal in your machine to find out the overall percentage of GREEN, AMBER or RED items, and get tailored recommendations for healthier changes.

(Not available for long day care or school assessments)


August 2018

You can now assess kombucha and fermented soft drinks.

Just look for the new option under the 'Drinks' category. (Note: does not apply to long day care menu assessments).


June 2018

We've redesigned the My Assessments screen.

It's now easier to find what you're looking for. Log in now to take a look.

Now you can: 

  • search your assessments by name, organisation name, or ID number
  • see the of % GREENAMBER and RED on each menu at a glance.
  • filter assessments by result, assessment type (menu, product, recipe), completion status and date.
  • archive assessments, so they don't appear on screen (you can find them again if you sort by 'Archived')


It's now easier to tell which products came from the main database, and which ones you assessed yourself.

The products you assessed yourself will now always appear differently in the product search results, and in assessment reports (on screen and PDF). 


May 2018

You can now use FoodChecker to assess the foods and drinks provided in Victorian schools according to the Healthy Canteen Kit - School Canteens and Other School Food Services Policy

You can assess your entire canteen menu, or classify individual products and recipes as Everyday, Select Carefully, Occasionally, or confectionery and high sugar content soft drinks.


April 2018

  • Search for GREEN, AMBER, and RED products by category.

    Find healthier sweet and savoury snacks, drinks, hot take away foods, ready-made meals, and much more! 

    You can search more than 3000 packaged food and drink items in 14 different categories. Search and assess products.

  • Some ingredients are now easier to find, such as minced garlic, Nuttelex, and ingredients that are usually plurals (eg, strawberries).

  • We've added around 200 new products to the databaseincluding ready to eat meals, breakfast cereals, sweet and savoury snack foods. 


December 2017

You can search the title of recipe in the 'Common recipes' section using partial keywords.

For example, you can type “cass” to find all recipes with "casserole" in the title.


November 2017

  • We've simplified the options in the header (purple bar) so you can easily find the links you need.

  • Links to the 'Instructions' and 'Frequently asked questions' pages are now in the footer, so you can access these pages from anywhere in the website.

  • You can give your copied assessments a new name. For example, "Week 1 menu - version 2".

  • We've added instructions on the long day care menu assessment screen to show you where to add drinks.


June 2017

FoodChecker is launched!