What's new?

We're always looking for ways to make FoodChecker as easy and helpful for you as possible.


Here's what's new on FoodChecker:

April 2018

  • Search for GREEN, AMBER, and RED products by category. Find healthier sweet and savoury snacks, drinks, hot take away foods, ready-made meals, and much more! 

    You can search more than 3000 packaged food and drink items in 14 different categories. Search and assess products.

  • Some ingredients are now easier to find, such as minced garlic, Nuttelex, and ingredients that are usually plurals (eg, strawberrIES).

  • We've added around 200 new products to the database, including ready to eat meals, breakfast cereals, sweet and savoury snack foods. 


December 2017

  • You can search the title of recipe in the 'Common recipes' section using partial keywords. For example, you can type “cass” to find all recipes with "casserole" in the title.


November 2017

  • We've simplified the options in the header (purple bar), so you can easily find the links you need.

  • Links to the 'Instructions' and 'Frequently asked questions' pages are now in the footer, so you can access these pages from anywhere in the website.

  • You can give your copied assessments a new name. For example, "Week 1 menu - version 2".

  • We've added instructions on the long day care menu assessment screen to show you where to add drinks.


June 2017

  • FoodChecker is launched!