Assess products

How to:

In FoodChecker you can add foods and drinks as a ‘recipe’ or a ‘product’.

A product is any pre-made food or drink item that you buy in from an external supplier. Products are often packaged, and they are commonly sold in food outlets like school canteens, cafés and vending machines.

Products can be:

  • ‘ready to consume’ items, such as muesli bars, pies, bottled drinks, confectionery, etc. 
  • or not ready to consume if they need to be combined with other ingredients to make a meal, such as a pasta sauce, pre-cut potato wedges, a gravy powder, flavour syrup, etc.

You can use FoodChecker to find out if a product is rated GREEN, AMBER or RED or BLACK according to the Victorian School Canteens and Other School Food Services Policy and the Healthy Choices guidelines (for retail food outlets and catering).

  1. Search the database

    FoodChecker has thousands of food and drink products that are classified as GREEN, AMBER or RED or BLACK.

    You can search our database by name, classification and category.

  2. Assess your own products

    If you can’t find a product on FoodChecker, you can assess it yourself by entering information from the packaging.

    You’ll get a report with the product’s classification, and as feedback on healthier alternatives (if relevant).


Assess products

Quick product check (not signed in)

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  1. Go to home page


NOTE: You must sign in if you would like to:

  • save products to your list
  • use saved products in future assessments
  • get a PDF product assessment report.

  1. Sign in
  4. Start typing the name of the item. You could enter the brand name, the product name, or the flavour
    For example, if the ingredient is Sample Brand strawberry muesli bar, you could type any combination of “Sample”, “Brand”, “muesli bar” and “strawberry”.
  5. A list of matching options will appear. Find your product in the list and click ADD. It will appear in the Product List box.

    If you can’t find your product, click ASSESS NEW PRODUCT to add the details of the product.
    a) Select the category.
    b) Enter the product name.
    c) Answer the questions on screen using the nutrition information panel and other information on the packaging. The questions will change depending on what category you have selected.

    TIP: Click SAVE PRODUCT to store it your account for future use.

  6. When you have finished, click FINISH ASSESSMENT.
  7. Your assessment report will appear on screen. 
  8. Click SAVE ASSESSMENT AS PDF to save a copy of this report.