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FoodChecker is a new Victorian Government website that can help you assess the foods and drinks you supply against food and drink guidelines.

When you complete a menu assessment, you will receive a downloadable report with your results and recommendations to help you make changes.

If you are a long day care centre, you can assess one day or a one week of your centre’s menu at a time, to see if it meets the Menu planning guidelines for long day care. You can also use FoodChecker to plan future menus, and store your recipes for later use.

If you are from a school, you can assess your school canteen menu against the Victorian Government’s school canteen policy.

You can assess your existing menu, products and recipes, or use FoodChecker to plan future menus and find GREEN and AMBER products.

If you are a retail food outlet or caterer you can assess your entire menu, or individual recipes and products, against the Healthy Choices guidelines. Or if you are a workplace, you can assess what you offer through catering.

You can also use FoodChecker to look up products, or assess new products, to check if they are rated GREEN, AMBER or RED.


FoodChecker is offered by the Healthy Eating Advisory Service, which is delivered by Nutrition Australia Vic Division with support from the Victorian Government.